SMS Advertising
  • Send Bulk SMS to your Clients

    Using your Very Own Business Name

SMS Advertising

Boost your Revenues and Engage your Customers with SMS

Your Business Name

Arabic Support

No Minimum

Use Your Own Business Name, Project or Product Name and it Will Appear In The Sender ID. Up to 11 Characters Supported 

Send Messages With Support For Arabic Characters. Unicode Messages Have 70 Characters Length 

There’s No Minimum Amount Of Purchases. You Can Even Buy 1 SMS to Try our Service

Easy Panel

Bulk Messaging

No Expiration

Login To Your Panel Via Browser And Send SMS Easily. No USB Modems are Required

Send SMS To Thousands Of Clients at Once. Simply Upload Excel Sheet with the Targeted Numbers

Your Messages Have No Expiration Date. Use your Credit Whenever you Need it

SMS Pricing

  • Amount

    of Money

  • When your balance is
  • 25 Euro

  • 50 Euro

  • 100 Euro

  • 250 Euro

  • 500 Euro

  • Cost Per

    SMS Message

  • 0.025 Euro/SMS

  • 0.025 Euro/SMS

  • 0.025 Euro/SMS

  • 0.025 Euro/SMS

  • 0.025 Euro/SMS

  • Number of

    SMS Messages

  • 1000 SMS

  • 2000 SMS

  • 4000 SMS

  • 10000 SMS

  • 20000 SMS

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